Issues of  "The Leon High Life" Printed During the 1955-56 School Year


The links below presently take quite a long time to download even with a broadband internet connection.  If there is a way to make the files smaller and still preserve readability this will be done at a future date.  It is probably not advisable to attempt to download the files via a standard telephone modem.


September 16, 1955

October 20, 1955

October 7, 1955

November 4, 1955 (Special Edition)

November 17, 1955

December 15, 1955

January 20, 1956

February 9, 1956

February 24, 1956

March 15, 1956

April 1, 1956 (April Fool Issue)

April 12, 1956

April 30, 1956

May 24, 1956




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